Syndex is a consulting firm exclusively dedicated to employee representatives.

Since 1971, Syndex has been defending the interests of employees. Its vocation is to advise and support employee representatives, health and safety committees as well as the trade union organizations.



Syndex is a European consultancy firm (45 years of experience) with more than 400 specialized consultants, providing assistance to social partners on a wide range of economic and social issues. It places its expertise at the service of European and national social partners, sectoral social partner committees and European and national public institutions, with the aim of fostering social dialogue and contributing to the promotion of a social Europe. Syndex has its headquarters in Paris and has offices in Bucharest, Brussels, London, Madrid, and Warsaw. It also has a network of local experts in many other EU countries.

Syndex’ skills in Europe are based on top-level consultants specialized in various sectors of the global economy including the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, rubber and plastics, energy, manufacturing, ICT, finance and retail.

A self-governing organization since its creation, Syndex made the natural choice of becoming a worker cooperative in 2011, thereby reaffirming its democratic convictions. Since its creation, it has been proving daily that a professional structure can combine collective interest and economic balance.

At Syndex, the entire staff share in major company-related discussions and decision-making based on the one person, one vote principle.


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