Our values, our history

In choosing Syndex you are choosing a firm that puts its values ​​into practice both with its clients and within its own organization.



Syndex has chosen to engage exclusively with employee representatives. The firm strives to lead each of its missions closer to its customers and to accompany them in a personalized and sustainable way.


By doing everything possible to lay the foundations for a balanced social dialogue between employee representatives and their management, Syndex is defending a deep conviction. This is illustrated even in the very organization of the firm, whose worker cooperative status guarantees the establishment of a democratic system with a collaborative spirit.


Syndex embodies the trusted partner who acts independently. The firm ensures neutrality and advocacy.


Syndex is a pioneering society that has its roots in the May 1968 movement and the struggle for a nurtured and fair social dialogue. At the time, a group of experts and economists anxious to put their expertise to the service of the union movement was organized and advised works councils. They thus developed the profession of expertise for employee representatives. On June 8, 1971, this commitment was formalized with Syndex registering with the order of Chartered Accountants in France. The firm’s objective is to provide unionized workers with an economic and social reading of their company’s situation to help them translate the truth behind the figures. Syndex soon  proved the efficiency of the process by successfully supporting employees in fights such as the LIP case (1970), Manufrance , as well as Schlumpf and transfered the process to  works councils.