For more than 20 years, Syndex carries on, in partnership with numerous national and European trade union organisations, European projects and research studies relating to specific sectors  and to workers ‘participation at company level. These include:

  • National and European information & consultation rights;
  • Company mapping (analyzing of company public information, industrial relations systems, company culture of social dialogue, trade union information, …)
  • Legal issues (such as for example the impacts of European Directives over the world of work, rules on the transfer of staff, etc.)
  • Social issues (comparing conditions between countries, evolution of wages and working conditions, employment trends, health and safety at work, CSR policies, etc.).
  • Main economic developments and sectoral trends (digitalisation, impact of climate change policies, privatization policies, etc.).


Our approach and renown methodology are based on our long-term experience, a deep knowledge of all sectoral issues thanks to our team of sectoral specialists as well as on our European network (we have offices in Bucharest, Brussels, London,  Madrid, Paris, Warsaw) and local experts that make us able to understand the specificities of the different European countries.


Our services offer covers all aspects of a research study, including the identification of funding sources, budget definition, project drafting, elaboration of surveys, organization of seminars and training sessions and of course publication of professionally edited final reports in a number of languages.


For more information, please contact directly Syndex Europe & International office.