Outsourcing and transfer of employment contracts : a lookback at our online conference

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Syndex Brussels organized an online conference on February, 12th on the influence of workers on outsourcing, tendering processes and the transfer of employment contracts.

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A 2-years project carried out with international partners

This conference, closed a two-year European project carried out in partnership with EFFAT, ETF, EPSU and UNI Europa. Its purpose was to analyze the implementation of EU legislation with regard to information-consultation and tendering processes in collective catering, local public services, transport (urban public transportation, ports and air transports) and cleaning and security services.

Fabrice Warneck, author of the report and Syndex expert, introduced the results of the study. Whereas Isabelle Schömann from the ETUC spoke of the organization’s work on securing workers rights in sub-contracting chains.

A roundtable discussion between field representatives

A roundtable discussion took place during which speakers, appointed by each federation, spoke about their field experience, best practices to guarantee workers' rights and the relevance of current European legislation.

Representatives from FILT-CGIL (Italy) and FIT-CISL (Italy) discussed the case of the ground handling sector in Italy and the need to push for verifiable and applicable legislation and the full application of collective agreements.

The weight of collective bargaining to change country rules

Dominique Fervaille from Centrale Générale FGTB (Belgium) spoke of the benefits of collective bargaining, how they have solved several material aspects and made it possible to lay down very firm rules in property services.

Ana Guerra from the Technical Cabinet of FeSMC-UGT in Spain shared some reflections on the situation of outsourcing in Spain and more specifically, in the sector of the hospitality industry. She shed light on how they are advocating for a revision of a 2012 labor reform which established the applicative priority of the company agreement over the sectoral agreement as it diminishes workers’ rights.

The event in which more than 80 people participated was a huge success and generated vivid debates and discussions among the participants.

Syndex report will be available on our website shortly.

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