Companies Due Diligence and Non-Financial Information: Threats or New leverages for Workers' Representatives in industry sector?

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This is the question Syndex and industriALL Europe will attempt to answer in the webinar to be held March 4-5.

This highly anticipated event will bring together nearly 160 people: trade union representatives of organizations affiliated to IndustriAll Europe, active in companies, members of EWCs, SE works councils or who sit on the management bodies of companies, said yes to our invitation.


A training session for trade unionist active in companies and EWC members

The event will start with a training session aiming to:

• Understand what due diligence is

• Evaluate the practices of multinational companies and the participation of workers' representatives (trade unions, works councils and EWCs)

• Identify opportunities and threats for workers and their representatives

• Improve knowledge and use of current legislation and instruments in place

• Discuss the need for European legislation and a binding United Nations due diligence treaty

Our colleagues Fabrice Warneck, Director of Syndex Europe & International and Olivier Chabrol, Expert in CSR, will present the fundamental principles of due diligence and the tools it offers to trade unionists.

A round table with EU representatives

Representatives of the European institutions will take part  in two panel discussions led by Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriALL Europe. Paul Nemitz, First Advisor to DG Justice at the European Commission, will speak on the issue of European legislation on due diligence. Helmut Scholz, Member of the European Parliament, will debate the European Union’s action in favor of a binding United Nations treaty on companies and human rights.

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