Syndex conducted a study on financing the Just Transition in support of the launch of industriAll Europe Just Transition Manifesto

Syndex worked alongside industriAll Europe to produce a comprehensive overview of the initiatives that the European Union is developing to finance a Just transition, with a specific focus on the implementation of the Territorial Just Transition Plan. Looking through the cases of five different Members states (DE, ES, BG, SK, IT), the report emphasizes the difference in availability of funds and the heterogeneity of national public policy frameworks to finance the Just Transition.

The report highlights little or no engagement with workers and trade Unions in some Member states, the wide difference in the availability in public funds between MS due to different national frameworks and a strong need for governance to ensure a successful just transition. Moreover, the limited financial resources and the narrow target of the funds fail to address the needs of other industrial sectors.

Syndex supports IndustriAll Europe and its affiliated organisations  underpin their demands to ensure an effective Just Transition in Europe and that “No worker is left behind”.

Financing the Just Transition. An EU overview
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