The IUF world Congress addresses sensitive social trending topics

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Four themes structured the Congress and will lead the future actions: well-paid jobs with dignity and rights, safe working places with equality and diversity, progressive and democratic policies

IUF congress

IUF commit to fight for climate justice for food, farm and hotel workers in the face of climate change that have a significant impact on the livelihoods of working people across all IUF sectors and in all countries.

Digitalisation of the economy and society is changing agriculture, food production and tourism through automation, robots and digital platforms. IUF and its member organisations concern is that these evolutions threaten the welfare of the workers as well as wages and standards.

Migrant workers (approximatively 244 million people worldwide) being the targets of labour and social human rights abuses, the Congress urged IUF affiliates to continue organizing migrant workers, providing education on migrant workers’ rights, and strengthening governmental regulations where necessary to ensure that migrant workers can access the same rights as other workers.

Even though young workers represent today’s but mostly the future of labour movement, they are under-represented in trade unions across the world. This is the reason the Congress urge trade unions to firstly improve their image towards the youth and furthermore to take ownership of young workers issue with the aim of make them more inclusive.

Among its emergency resolutions, IUF expressed its solidarity and support to UK and Belgium McDonalds workers on their decision to take a strike action on September 4th for their demands for better wages, working conditions and access to the right to join an union.

The IUF World Congress took place in Geneva during August and gathered more than 500 participants which is so far, the most important and participatory congress they have ever held.

The IUF is composed of 429 affiliated trade unions in 130 countries representing over 10 million workers in IUF sectors

Concerning the governing body, Sue Longley was unanimously elected to succeed retiring Ron Oswald as General Secretary. Mark Lauritsen of the UFCW North America was unanimously elected to succeed retiring President Hans-Olof Nilsson of the Swedish Foodworkers.

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