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10th May 2011

What does Syndex Polska do?

Created in 2005, Syndex Polska is a subsidiary of the Syndex Group, with its head office in Warsaw, Poland.

Syndex Polska is an economic and social consultancy specialized in providing advice and training to employee representatives, trade union organisations and works councils. It currently has 13 employees from different backgrounds (economists, lawyers, sociologists), who all speak three languages: Polish/English/French.  In five years, S. Partner has become the main Polish consultancy in its field and it works with all the social partners: employees, employers and public authorities.

Syndex Polska has acquired a rich experience in the management and coordination of European projects, in particular, with the following: the training in financial analysis provided to 2300 Polish employee representatives between 2006 and 2008 within the framework of the European Social Fund; “Independent economic expertise: a standard for social dialogue” (financed by the EDF, 330 participants, 33 companies, 2009-2010); in May 2009, S. Partner was chosen by the Polish Ministry for Labour and Social Policy to design a post graduate programme in social dialogue in Poland (350 participants, employees, employers, public authorities).

In 2011, Syndex Polska prepared a report for Solidarnosc on industrial policy and employment and published a book with leading Polish lawyers on the right to expertise in Poland.

Syndex Polska also has experience acquired during its work with other partners , in particular with its parent company, Syndex, on such issues as “economic and social activities for employees representatives”, “An integrated approach to delocalisation in the European Union“Climate change and employment”.

Syndex Polska has developed strong translation skills. The translation department works with some 40 experienced translators on a wide range of documents (reports, minutes, memos, letters, etc.) mainly for trade union organisations and European Works councils. Our translation services (see link) stand out with translations done by experienced mother-tongue translators who are used to handling large volumes.

Syndex Polska

ul. Wiejska 12 lok. 4, 00-490 Warszawa
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